'Down Under' series

A4 (21cm wide x 29.7cm high)



Acrylic on canvas


Framed $180
Canvas sheet only (unframed) $150

As their name suggests, rainbow lorikeets are one of the most colourful and beautiful birds in the world. 

 A rainbow lorikeet can live for up to 30 years. 


The rainbow lorikeet, with its Australasian origin, is a medium sized vibrant parrot known for its breathtakingly colorful appearance justifying the name. Like any other members of lorikeet family, these birds are also recognized as “brush-tongued parrots” due to their unique ways of excavating nectar and pollen from flowers


.Lorikeets are extremely enthusiastic bathers, choosing to give themselves a thorough soaking, perhaps three or four times a week. When kept in close proximity to people, their ability to mimic becomes apparent. Many repeat words without the owner having attempted to teach them “to talk”.

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