'Down Under' series

35cm wide x 38cm high



Acrylic on canvas


Framed $150
Canvas sheet only (unframed) $100

Kookaburra is an iconic Australian native bird known for its "human-like laughter". It is said that the Kookaburra's call can summon the gods of laughter. However, if you mistreat a Kookaburra, it will upset the gods of laughter, and you will forever be condemned to an eternity of the inability to laugh.

I felt like I needed to paint this bird in my "Down Under" series and I have used acrylic paint on canvas. This piece has been framed in a wooden white frame with white matting and is all ready to be hung for you in your home. Would suit a study area or a small nook in your home that needs brightening up.

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